Thursday, September 19, 2013


I took some drawings out of my sketchbook and cleaned them up. It was fun because the motifs where pretty spontainious.
The first one was in my mums garden. My mum and I were sitting on the terasse and I was watching that little new water fountain. It's made out of three balls with mirrored glass. As I sketched the reflection I noticed how the brain gets tricked. I really had to turn around a few times to realize wich objects were in the back or in the front of the scene.
The second one was just playing with the same thing and the third was in the garden of my boyfriend's parents. It's a unique place with an infinity of flowers, trees and little sculptures. Hidden somewhere behind some bushes I found this old dry fountain. I couldn't help wondering how long ago the little fish-sprinkler had had it's last days of joy.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Model sketches

 Those are a few quick model sketches. In the first two I was aiming for forceful lines and the second two were inspired by Schiele cause I did them after I paid a visit to the Leopoldmuseum in Viena.

sewing fashion

This is a Design for my mum's 'Nähcafe' where everybody is welcome to make beautiful dresses, pants, blouses etc. I'll up more of these soon. It was quite fun :-)