Monday, May 9, 2011


me encanta el comic! me encanta pensar en historias y hacer paginas! pero sigue siendo una lucha para mi. me cuesta encontrar una linea concreta, lo hago más suelto o más limpio? y como es que las proporciones del personaje se me escapan todo el rato?! bueno, todavia no me he cansado del todo con la historia que estoy haciendo, aunque las ultimas semanas lo he dejado un poco de lado. ahora vuelvo con ganas y espero terminar las paginas pronto. dejo algunos dibujitos mientras tanto. hope u like

dibujitos y apuntes

he estado un montón de tiempo sin actualizar.
Ultimamente me cuesta terminar los trabajos porque me siento insegura y me cuesta tomar decisiones respecto al estilo de dibujo,tinta y color etc. Asi que por el momento subiré más bocetos, confiando que pronto terminare algunos trabajos pendientes.

en el aeropuerto

Hating airports

It’s like this odd parallel universe where things just seem to be the way you’re used to, except everything is slightly off.
After I make it through security, being touched all over without any boots on, hoping they won’t check my ‘sandwich’ for any other substances, I feel a brief moment of relief.
So now finally I can get a smoke and some food! I slander towards the smoking patio expecting to buy some tobacco on the way; but guess what: YOU CAN’T! Well you can buy 40€ worth of cigarettes and a 100 pack of papers and filters.
One fucking little smoke for 60 bucks? That’s fine, I guess – for an airport. So I do what anyone with an unsatisfied craving would do, I get something to eat. Gnocchi with sauce – can´t go wrong there – I mean it’s pasta, for god’s sake!
After the bald, smiling creep hands me the medium hot plate saying: ‘ YUM, YUM, mmmmmh, YUM, YUM!’ I kind of start questioning my choice, also I’m becoming aware of the fact, that the place is basically empty. But well, I sit down, in a respectable distance from the creep on the counter and then - putting all my skepticism aside – I start eating…
Ok, not only am I tasting the world’s worst Gnocchi, but the most disgusting food on the planet! It’s a unique blue-cheesy taste of chewing gum and flour. Maybe I’m wrong, I think. Maybe the saliva-fueled yummy noises of the creepy dude affected my judgment in a bad way. So I try again – this time I’m sure – a 100% certain. I have to get out of here!
So in calm panic I get up and leave, fleeing to my gate, desperately hoping that boarding will start soon, while I scribble down experiences in this dullest place of places.